Black Rock Shooter Tribute

New Alice Overture Project is coming out soon~~

Name:Black Rock Shooter Tribute

Scheduled Initial Release: Wuhan CA5

Product Description: Black Rock Shooter by Huke is now but a typhoon hitting the ACG world. This time Alice Overture puts together a Black Rock Shooter themed artbook and will reveal all kinds of epicness to the characters of the BRS world.

Doujin Circle:Alice Overture

Spec: 210×210 Square Artbook in Special Set Packaging. Comes with one random badge, one random bookmark and one random card sticker out of three varieties. This set will be all packed into a special Black Rock Box.


Producer: Pudding / 天下の庭師Y

Design & layout: Pudding / Rosene

Artists:Centimetre / Linsert / Rosene / 暴力社长 / 废废 / 究 / 礫音(Neptune) / 木shiyo / 雪桜々

Writer:Pudding / Rosene / 天下の庭師Y

Doujin Circle Website:


P.O.Email: (P.O. starts after AFA)

Special Note:

For people interested in buying the artbook within Australia, the artbook will probably first attend a convention during early 2012, very likely to be Mini Animania Sydney or Supanova Melbourne.