Alice Overture (Previously known as Lilium Visuals) is an Australia based Doujin Circle.

We started at 2009 and is mainly convention based.

We also take comissions.

About Alice Overture
The renowned of Lilium Visuals and now called Alice Overture, consisting of a larger crew that strive to produce doujin products and lead the Australian Doujin Market. We’ve produced Prints, Artbooks, Manga, Light Novels and Calendars. The horizon wont end here, we will be moving onto other items like Galgame and Music CDs.

Alice Overture is just a new name to Lilium Visuals. Real reason to the name change is just because the leader went ‘YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’ and feel like changing it XD. Hope it didn’t cause much trouble