The artists of Lilium Visuals consist of:


Rosen is the founder of Lilium Visuals. The ‘Charismatic Leader’ of the best Artist Circle in Australia. He is the mastermind behind all the magic. An artist who have many years in experience and specify in Moe Art of his own style. Rosen is one of the main artist of the group and is able to vary his style in doing all kinds of work. His work are mainly consisting of flat chest or lolita bishoujos.


Rosen's pixiv
Rosen's dA


暴力社长 aka Jack is another main powerhouse artist of the group. A full time moe artist that do commission work for requests. His follows a style himself and have made rankings on Pixiv for his artworks of Moe Bishoujos. Jack have been known to be the energetic guy in the group and drags the group on to advance.




Neon, our logo artist who is a favourite artist among lots of people and have made a few entry in certain books like Pixiv Quartly. Currently in two circles, Lilium Visuals in Australia and roroalice in China. She is the only female artist and she shows great talents in her drawings of bishoujos where guys and girls cannot resists the extreme moeness. She is called the lucky sign of the circle.


neon’s Pixiv

neon’s dA


Kwasabiyori00D, another popular arists that have done alot of commercial work and making top rankings, an artist that shows a magnificent showcase in his CG work of Moe Bishoujos. The only artist that is stationed in Melbourne while everyone is in Sydney. A legend has said that this artist is an extremely tall bishi guy but has yet to be proven.


Kwasabiyori00D’s deviantART

Kwasabiyori00D’s Pixiv


Fumaru, another talented artist of the circle and specialize in ‘moe’ style. He aims to draw Galge feel bishoujos. He is one of the person that take care of various affairs in the circle as well. He is one of the first members to join Lilium Visuals thus one of the elders.


Fumaru’s DeviantART

Fumaru’s Pixiv


Or you can just call him by his name, Charles. He draws Touhou most of the time and on some occasions something else other than Touhou. He plays lots of Touhou too. Also likes mecha but doesn’t draw it too often. He prefers ‘paint’ style but sometimes jumps to drawing on Flash (which apparently is evil to a certain someone).

Also does programming, hoping one day he can make a game on his own but that’s a long way to go.


Arufa’s DeviantART

Arufa’s Pixiv


Pandori is the ‘Trap’ lucky sign of the circle, another artists that gives off a healing feeling to people. Pandori not only draws moe bishoujos, but also guys. Pandori is also specialized in drawing chibi characters and sometimes, serves as main artists in producing chibi characters for the circle.


Pandori’s Pixiv

Pandori’s DA


Wayne is an artist that is much different in style than the other artists. He specialized in Shounen Jump doujin works and draws guys more than girls.

Wayne’s DA


Artist from China, one of our comrades from far away. This guy is pro with his oil paint. Draws Moe style as well and also do some epic backgrounds.

Linsert’s Pixiv