Pantsu Team

The rest of the team of Lilium Visuals consist of:


A member of Lilium Visuals that take care various affairs within the circle like blogging, or hunting people down for submission or dealing with registrations and planning. An artist wannabe and a heavy Touhou Fan. The Secretary of the AnimeMQ club. Currently being the babysitter of Lilium Visuals and have to scold at the members to make sure they are working to standard. Going to be writer for the circle.

Pudding’s Blog
Pudding’s Deviant Art
Pudding’s Facebook


One of our members who is a semi artists and also taking roles in Voice Acting.

Koru’s Blog


One of the member that deal with script and and such and more of the technical person yet creative. Very powerful person and is the 2009 events executive and 2010 publicity executive of SUAnime.


The member of Lilium Visuals that take care of business related issues like where to produce items.


Our mascot figure of Alice Overture.